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I’m excited to share this blog post with you today because it has everything to do with printing your work and shopping local; two really awesome things. Plus there is a promo & a giveaway at the end!

First, being a small business owner myself, I get excited to work with, and support other small businesses. And all the better when they are local.  The day I became a business owner, I gained a tremendous appreciation for the hard work and commitment to quality that companies provide.  And I want to take just a moment to recognize one local company for both great quality and great customer service. More on that in just a minute.

Second, as a photographer, I love to see everyone print their pictures (especially if I took them.. it’s like I have my own little art galleries displayed all over the world Seattle/Tacoma). A while back I read a blog post titled ‘Don’t let your pictures grow up to be JPEGS’. This instantly caught my attention and all I could think about was the song ‘Mamma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys’, and then I started imagining pictures as little JPEG cowboys… I digress. The point is, your pictures deserve to be more than a digital file. They deserve to be printed and handles, hung on the wall, and admired by friends and family for generations to come.

Now to bring it all together.  I was introduced to Northwest Fine Art Printing by a fellow photographer/graphic designer, Michael Sladek.  Whenever the topic of printed work came up, he always mentioned Northwest Fine Art Printing.  I am huge believer in the power of word of mouth referrals.  We as customers  get excited to share about our great experience! So I took Michael’s word for it and ordered a couple of BEAUTIFUL canvas prints!

My experience from the ordering process through the deliver was quick and easy. This was very important important to me as I am always short on time and not always technically savvy.  I ordered two  20 x 24 gallery wrapped canvases and they are lovely! The canvas thickness is great, the color is perfect, and the wall mount system was made for me–easy as pie. I could go on and on, but instead I will let you see for yourself.  NW Fine Art Printing-101NW Fine Art Printing-104NW Fine Art Printing-105NW Fine Art Printing-106NW Fine Art Printing-108NW Fine Art Printing-110NW Fine Art Printing-112In short, I loved my customer experience with Northwest Fine Art Printing and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to get their work off the computer and onto their walls.

And as a bonus for all of you readers, Northwest Fine Art Printing is hosting a GIVEAWAY & offering 40% your oder now through May 3, 2014!

40% off Promo Code:
For Professionals: IVY
For Retail: TWEED

Head on over to their website to start shopping and printing:

The GIVEAWAY will run now through April 17, 2014. To enter, head on over to our Facebook pages, give them a like and check out the details.
Find Ivy & Tweed on Facebook: HERE
Find Northwest Fine Art Printing on Facebook: HERE

Alright, that about covers it! Best of luck on the giveaway and happy shopping!



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