A Pep Talk & Parasailing in Thailand

Last month a shared my story about having knee surgery in a garage in Nicaragua–if you missed it, you can find it HERE.  Well, this morning I came across a few pictures from the time my friend Katie and I crash landed while parasailing in Thailand, and I just can’t resist sharing.  I sometimes find myself looking back at moments like this and forgetting that they actually happened to ME. It wasn’t a story from a crazy book I read, it is MY story.

It’s kind of crazy to look back at my 21 year old, wild and careless self.  I was fearless, restless, wandering the world, searching for a purpose, and living life on the edge.  A lot has changed since then. In a good way.  I think it could be easy to fear that I have lost myself and my drive for adventure to the idea of a comfortable life.  But I don’t really feel that way.  I will always have an adventurous spirit. It’s in me. But the way I see life and adventure looks a lot different. You know, it doesn’t exactly have to be life threatening to be called adventurous.  I’ve decided I want to LIVE to tell the rest of my stories. 🙂 But in all honesty, life is different. I’m a few years older, a tiny bit wiser, and I have a whole lot more responsibility. And a fearless life looks less like hanging off a cliff, or jumping falling off waterfalls, and more about LIVING a life with purpose, everyday. UNafraid of rejection or failure. Willing to get up and keep going, even after falling flat on your face. Today’s wounds don’t always show in the outside, and they aren’t always coupled with pictures of epic adventures in foreign places. But the purpose (the BIG picture) is powerful and worth every scar.  It’s about living a legacy, not dying a “legend”.

I learned a lot during my year trotting around the globe. But one thing I learned to rely on, is that God was always one step ahead of me, setting up safety nets and hospital beds around every corner. And the same is true now. Where there is rejection, God has given me support. Where there is failure, God has given me grace. And where there is success, God his given me humility and overwhelming joy. This “adventure” of running a business has been amazing, scary, overwhelming, gratifying, risky, fulfilling, and a thousand other adjectives. It is truly a great adventure and I trust that it will continue to take me to places I have never been. But more importantly, it will indeed continue to introduce me to people who will change my world.

I didn’t really plan to write any of that(apart from the first sentance), but hey, my fingers just started going and I think I needed to give myself this little pep talk. Maybe you needed bits and pieces of it too.

At any rate, enjoy the pictures! 🙂

Sister and I getting ready excited to fly!



Bri & Kari flying peacefully 🙂


Katie & I getting ready for our turn!

WR-Parasail-106WR-Parasail-107I decided it would be a brilliant idea to take my camera for some once in a lifetime shots from the sky.


Here we are coming in for a perfect landing….


Until the rope snapped and took us flying back out, and then down into the water.


All I really cared about was trying to keep my camera out of the water.


P.S. Our oversize life jackets were doing a better job at drawing us than saving us.


Eh. No big deal. We just survived a crash landing.


The Gang… oh and check out my scar from my knee surgery in Nicaragua. #hardcore


Happy Friday!

P.S. My camera did not survive this accident. RIP little Canon.

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