The Legacy Series : Introduction

The Legacy SeriesThose who know me well, know that I’m a passionate person. I am either passionately going after something I want, or passionately avoiding things. I don’t often tread on middle ground (Just ask my husband)! I’ve spent the better part of my life passionately chasing down my dreams and running through the twisty turny path of self discovery.  There is nothing straight and narrow about my journey, but this is my life and I am living it with my whole heart!

I want to take a moment to share about Ivy & Tweed; a little bit of my vision, my purpose, my why.  My husband and I have BIG dreams for Ivy & Tweed. I’m talking BIG. I can’t wait to share more on that later, but right now I’m going to try and stay on point. The vision for Ivy & Tweed boils down to one word, COMMUNITY. We want to be a business that gives our time, talent, and resources to build up a strong community. We want to frame this community on a foundation of principles, camaraderie, and most importantly, love. Our dream is to start a business that will outlast us, but always carry the best parts of us with it. In short, we are talking about building a LEGACY.

The truth of the matter is, the grand vision for Ivy & Tweed is going to take time. But all good things take time. And great things take even longer. Ivy & Tweed is still in its infancy but I found myself saying, ‘We don’t have to wait for all the plans to fall perfectly in line before we can truly chase this wild dream. Our vision is, and always has been community. There’s no reason we can’t start LIVING our LEGACY today. We can start by giving our time, talent, and resources NOW. From there the foundation will form.’

This idea of living a life of legacy had me soaring. I wanted to start moving ground immediately.(Insert: passionately going after something). And then came the same old problem of hurry up and wait. Living a life of legacy seemed so much more romantic in my head. It looked a little more heroic than my day to day routine. And then doubt started to eek its nasty little way into my life. I started to question why I was doing wedding photography. I started to let the pressures of the wedding industry, and the art of comparison consume me. I had a brief panic attack. Thought about throwing in the towel.(Insert: passionately avoiding hardship).

And then I decided to change my mindset.

The thing I’ve ALWAYS loved about being a photographer is the people I’ve made connections with. Both my photography peers, and my clients. (My community). I’ve met some of my closest friends and greatest influences. These connections have changed my life. So I started thinking about these people and all that I love about them. I started to think about the lives they live and the impact they have on the world around them. I started to think about how I should tell these people what I admire about them. And then, The Legacy Series was born.

The Legacy Series  is my way of seeing the world differently. I want to delight in the little things. Recognize greatness.  And celebrate ordinary people who are living life intentionally. And I want to share these stories with you!

I hope this series inspires you to LIVE yourLEGACY!


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