The Legacy Series : Rebekah Bergstrom

The Legacy Series

It’s been almost 1o years since I first met Becky. We were both fresh out of high school, attending Ecola Bible School in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  I’ve always been drawn to Becky. She has air about her that is so contagious. She might be small, and seemingly quiet, but she is so filled with a hunger for life. She lives fearlessly with wild ambition. And she chases her dreams with reckless abandon.

When I was thinking about putting The Legacy Series together, I knew I wanted to share a little bit of Becky’s story.  She is the proud owner of a successful small business because she believed she could do it, and she DID.


My name is Rebekah, Becky to many, I am 28 and a Pacific Northwest native, a lover of people and community, all things pretty and artistic, travel, and rich, quality living.

I’ve got a mischievous side that sometimes takes people by surprise, l find little, normal life tasks like putting gas in my car to be pesky, and am regularly running on E, New Years is my favorite holiday, and you would never guess it if you just saw me in the grocery store or somewhere, but I really like some hard, ghetto rap. 


I am an Esthetician, and small business owner. I’ve got a little shop in West Seattle, where I provide personalized skin and spa, waxing, lash extension, and makeup services.

My career in health and beauty goes back to late Jr. High. I wanted to be a Makeup Artist. Anyone who knows me knows that I am girly to the core… and it’s all over when I walk into a Sephora! I think that part of what draws me to makeup also is the art of it. So, it stemmed from there, but once exploring that further, I learned that a lot of Makeup Artists have their license in Esthetics. That’s how I found my way here. I learned about the skincare, spa, and the holistic side of it, and tapped into the part of me that is very nurturing. I feel that Esthetics is the perfect blend of my strengths.


If money were no object, what would you spend your time doing?
It honestly would probably be this right here. What I am doing! But… there are also some close runner-ups too. I’ve been drawn to or still am drawn to event planning, home design, life coaching, and world traveling.



What puts a pep in your step?
Iced americanos definitely put a pep in my step!

Where is your happy place?
The beach. Any seaside. Add the warmth of some sunshine, and I’m doing even better!


2014-05-14_0009Where do you go for inspiration?
For my work, I find inspiration in being the client/on the receiving end of a service at a beautiful spa or salon. In work and all of life, I also find inspiration in music, and extended pow wows with my good ol’ BFF.

Becky-LegacyLet’s talk about Legacy. What does the word Legacy mean to you? How are you LIVING your LEGACY?
Legacy honestly is something I want to have on my mind more, and be thinking of what it means to me further. This series though, and being so generously included in it is causing me to be more thoughtful about the matter. Legacy I think is mostly thought of on a large scale, where you leave something behind, possibly after you pass on – maybe a healthy child or property… But the more I think of it, I think smaller bits of your legacy are in the the day to day – in how others experience you, what kind of an influence you have on your surroundings, and what you are doing with your time. Those three things can greatly contribute to your legacy, which is by definition something left behind. I think of it as “a mark” that you leave. There are people that have left a mark in my life, lots of good marks, some a little less than good. I would consider that part of a person’s legacy, because those marks can affect a person deeply and how they live. I think you can leave a mark in your work place or business, with your co-workers or employees, in your home life, family, friendships, acquaintances, the people you date, your neighbors and community. We create ripples and leave wakes behind us everywhere we go. Call it a stretch, but I do think the little things add up to who we are, what we leave behind, and how we are remembered.

In work, I am building my business, striving to make it successful in the long run, as well as every day, in being a space where my passions can flourish, and also a place that provides enrichment to the lives of those who walk in the door. I want to provide services at RB Spa & Beauty where a person can feel cared for, find relaxation and renewal, feel beautiful and the best version of themselves. Outside of work, I try to be intentional with life, making time count, cultivating relationships, investing in people, living honestly, and then trying to continually grow- personally, spiritually, into myself as a woman, etc… in hopes that all of that can be passed on and shared.
2014-05-14_00072014-05-14_0011What people or things have contributed most to get you where you are today?
I am definitely going to have to mention my parents here. They have passed away, and man, nearly ten years ago now. They live on in me for sure, and I can’t imagine where I would be today without their example, self sacrificing, and influence in my life. I also want to mention God. I have felt His provision and hand guiding me through every season of life.



What leadership qualities do you most admire?
A high bar, and holding oneself to that bar first. I would also have to say kindness…. And then there are multiple subcategories of leadership (that I admire) that drop down from those two things. If you have high standards that you apply to your life and business first-off, you can energize the people around you and cultivate the desire for quality. Then, that high bar that you already have in place for yourself will allow you to expect that of others, if and when anyone is under your leadership. And if you have kindness, well…. I think it is just a key ingredient. To teach anyone, foster abilities and strengths, mentor, provide service, communicate well, manage people… The list goes on.


When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?
I think the answer is, “Whatever it takes.” It happens. Things will always get tough. BUT you will always have choices, and you will always have options. We are bound to get into funks, experience a dip in our determination, inspiration, energy level, mental or emotional health. Outcomes can be disappointing, plan A doesn’t always work, money gets tight, life circumstances can get tough, even devastating, but you still can determine where you go from there and what your circumstances make of you. Ask for help or advice, or set up a brainstorming session with a friend or mentor (If you don’t have someone for that, get to it!). Get out of bed, get a good dose of fresh air and exercise daily, see a therapist or life coach a few times (the money is worth it), be healthy, go to plan B, make a plan period, set goals, re-do your resume, take a class, join a group, keep the company of people that you wish to be like, stop procrastinating… Be pro-active, take ownership, and push through. Man, I got on a roll there!
2014-05-14_0010Top 10 items on your bucket list…
1.) I’ve been talking about another trip abroad with my travel buddy, so making that happen is on there for sure. 2.) Along those lines, I’d like to close up my twenties and celebrate my 30th in another country (If my friends are reading this, you’re all invited!) 3.) I’d like to get better at surfing. 4.) Learn to sail. 5.) Scuba dive. 6.) Take my business to the next level. 7.) Go to the airport with a backpack packed and no travel plans/buy the first ticket that feels right. 8.) Be a wife and mother. 9.) Adopt a child. 10.) Adopt one of the older dogs from a shelter. That’s a start, but there’s easily ten more!
2014-05-14_0012What three things could you not live without.
1.) Music 2.) My apps! What did we ever do before!?! 3.) Cheese
2014-05-14_0006To the dreamers out there, what word of encouragement would you give them?
Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right

If you haven’t met Becky yet, you definitely should and you totally can! She has the most wonderful little spa in West Seattle. She will make you feel all sorts of beautiful, refreshed, relaxed, and most definitely inspired! You can take a peek at her website, here. And you can follow her on Facebook, here.

Most importantly, lets leave Becky some love and gratitude for sharing her heart with us!

BECKY- What a tremendous honor to know you and call you a friend. (And to share in some pretty epic adventures with you). You are one in a million and I adore every ounce of who you are! Keep dreaming. Keep believing. Keep doing!

  • Mal Pal

    Okay, tearing up here! I already daily feel so incredibly honored to call you friend, Becky. But this all just put my reasons of “why” into words.

    I love everything about you, and continued to be inspired by who you are and where you are going…thank you for being so open hearted to everyone in your life. Glad to be in it with you.

    And the gas tank? Details shmetails.


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