Made to Create Pacific Northwest : Legacy

A couple weeks ago, I had the tremendous pleasure of helping out at Made to Create Pacific Northwest. You can read all about this amazing workshop here, but I would also love the chance to tell you a little bit about my experience.

I can’t even begin to describe how much respect and admiration I have for my friends Devon and Chelle (the creators of MTC) ! So first let me tell you a little bit about how came to know them.

I “met” Devon via Instgram sometime last year, and we were basically Insta-Friends. We both had red hair and therefore it was meant to be (although I just confessed to Devon that my red isn’t natural, eeeeek!). In November, 2013 I met Devon at a photography workshop in Cannon Beach–we became real life friends and the rest is history.

I first met Chelle a little over four years ago while I was working as stylist in Olympia. It’s hard to forget meeting her when her daughters name is Selah and that’s the name of the town I grew up in. I guess it just stuck out in my memory.  Fast forward a couple years… I purchased a camera and got the crazy idea to start a business. While browsing the web for inspiration and hopefully a little knowledge on how to be a photographer, I found Chelle’s website! This lady has some series talent, so naturally I stalked just about every single blog post she posted, ever. Fast forward a couple more years…Last winter, Chelle expressed her heart to bring together a community of photographers. So she organized an event where photographers of any style and any level could meet, network and build relationships! This is where I re-met Chelle, and we officially became friends.

It took me about a half a second to realize just how valuable these ladies are in my life and in the community! They dreamers, believers, doers, and givers. They are exactly the kind of people I want to mentor me in my business. And what really sets them apart, is their heart for community! Honestly, I can’t put enough emphasis on how much their dream and desire for community has impacted me!

As photographers, it can seem like a dog eat dog world. It can be vicious. But we are artists. That means we are probably a little more sensitive and LOT more likely to take things personally. Having a community of photographers to share life with has been one of the most essential parts of my journey.

That brings me to Made to Create Pacific Northwest.  Chelle and Devon took their vision for community and really poured their hearts into this one.  Just look at this vision statement: Our vision is to create authentic community of encouragement between artists located in the Pacific Northwest.   We are passionate about empowering artists to support and educate each other. Building mutual experience will strengthen our community and allow for the chance to serve the populations we work with.  We are excited to join you in this journey of creating lasting art.

I bolded just a few most of the words because they really stuck out to me. What I love is that this vision statement doesn’t only apply to the weekend workshop. It applies to who they are. This is their dream, they brought it to life with a workshop and they are keeping it alive with who they are. And this is the real reason I love these two ladies! They are living life intentionally, with purpose, BUILDING A LEGACY!

Devon and Chelle, thank you for modeling what this business is all about. Thank you for chasing down your dream and bringing it to life. And most of all, thank you giving your all to make this community bigger, better, and stronger! xo.

Enjoy a few behind the scenes snaps from my time at Made at Made to Create Pacific Northwest!
To see more behind the scenes snaps, check out the hashtag #madetocreatepnw on Instagram!


And finally, I want to take a minute to give credit where credit is due! Devon and Chelle rallied together a remarkable team of local talent to make this event possible.  I love that each one of the speakers was 100% on board with the vision for this event. They came with open hearts, eager to give, teach, and build up community of creatives.

The amazing Made to Create Pacific Northwest Crew:

Chelle Nicole
Devon Michelle 
Kristal Joy 
Terry Mensonides
Jon + Moch
Joe & Patience 
Jeremy Leffel
Anthem Beverage & Bistro

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