May 30th : The Non-Traditional Anniversary

Excuse me… May, where did you go?

I blinked and it was gone. Actually I got on a plane and May disappeared before I came back.  This weekend was so full of special moments and events, my head is still spinning. So bear with me as I try and catch up on all thats been happening around here.

I had planned to write an eloquent tribute to our Five Year Anniversary. But then I got on a plane and hit the ground running. May 30th and the 31st were gone before I ever had the chance to sit down and spell the words out. And because of all the craziness, I actually changed my mind on how I wanted to share about our anniversary.

The Tale of the Non-Traditional Wedding Anniversary!

May 30th.
On Friday, Mr. Hackett and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!  I’ve been pretty excited to celebrate year five because it kind of feels like a MAJOR milestone.  We’ve officially been married half a decade! See, it’s a big deal, right?! Of course it is!

I’d like to tell you that we did something EPIC to celebrate year five.  Scratch that.  First off I should just be real with you, we aren’t really an EPIC kind of couple. Actually we are more like a happy little old couple. We get our kicks out of taking walks, drinking coffee, and reading books. I mean we like adventures too, but our everyday pleasures come from the simple things.

Anyhow, back to celebrating that anniversary. Actually, I’m going to share a little bit about each anniversary. As I started thinking back on the May 30th’s of the past, I noticed a little pattern of non-tradtional wedding anniversaries. may30th

Year One: May 30, 2010.
I had the incredible honor of standing as a bridesmaid for my sweet friend Emilie’s wedding. Emilie had been in our wedding exactly one year earlier, so I was honored to share our anniversary with her and her new husband. Jake & Emilie were married in Michigan, so after the wedding we hopped on the train and spent a few days roaming the streets of Chicago!

Year Two: May 30, 2011
This is the one is a little more “normal” for us. We took our bikes out for an adventure from Burien to Alki beach. We arrived at the beach, fueled up on pizza and ice cream and peddled our way back home! Honestly, this is still one of my favorite dates together! It was filled with everything we love; bikes, pizza, ice cream, coffee, the beach, sunshine, and the company of each other!

Year Three: May 30, 2012
This anniversary was anything but traditional. I was scheduled to go into hip surgery the morning after (May 31st). So we celebrated by eating an EARLY dinner (at least 12 hours before surgery), and our final walk limp for the next 9 weeks. We were both a little distracted with the nerves of going into surgery. But I was just thankful that I had at least lived to celebrate our third anniversary. 🙂

Year Four: May 30, 2013
Our anniversary fell on a workday, but we still made a little time to say cheers to say four years with our favorite drink of choice, Iced Vanilla Lattes!

Year Five: May 30, 2014
This year I woke up, just as I do every morning: To a kiss, a Mr. Hackett’s made from the heart Vanilla latte, a bowl of fruit, and an an extra special Happy Anniversary from the man I love. And then it was go time. I had a flight scheduled for St. Louis (where I was photographing a wedding) and I had just under two hours to be out the door and on our way to the airport.  I admit, I was  little sad to be flying away solo on our fifth anniversary. But in only the way that he could, Jonathon reminded me that May 30th is just a day that marks the start of our new year together. But we still have everyday to celebrate our married life (awwww). Of course this made me tear up, but I just love him so much for his selfless and unending support! He is 1000% behind me and this crazy dream of running a business, and I just couldn’t do it without him.

I am fully aware that I will probably spend a number of our anniversaries at weddings, as I document the ‘I do’s’ of people in love. And honestly, I couldn’t think of a better job to spend your anniversary working! It’s an honor to share this very special day with so many other couples. And it’s an even greater honor to know that I get to celebrate our married life, not just on May 30th, but EVERYDAY!






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