The Legacy Series: Seth & Melanie

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I’m thrilled to be adding another post to the Legacy Series, and I am exceptionally excited to share this one. As I got to know Melanie over email and Facebook (before the shoot), I just knew that we were meant to be friends!
A) She has red hair!
B) She rocks an AMAZING anchor belt!
C) She plays the violin, AND SINGS!
I mean come on. Right?! You know you want to be friends with her too!

But the best parts of Seth and Melanie are so much more incredible than my little A-C list above! So sit back, grab your morning coffee and enjoy getting to know the Studley’s! 2014-06-02_0036Meet the Sudley’s:
I (Melanie) love Jesus, am a wife, mother of three, a singer and an artist. I am eccentric and love old persian rugs and anything that looks like it is from an Indiana Jones film. 

I (Seth) am a Christian, husband, and a father to three little ones. I hunt elk, skate board, and cook mean street tacos.


Some quirky or unknown facts about Seth & Melanie:
Melanie: I lost my spleen in an accident as a child 
Seth: I was a drummer in rock band Emery
We have a traditional Native American teepee that was given to us by (Melanie’s) grandmother who is Chippewa.


Melanie- Stay at home mother
Seth- Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


If money were no object, what would the Studley’s be doing?…
Melanie- Singing for Jesus and traveling
Seth- Traveling with my family
**Side note: Currently, Seth & Melanie are galavanting all over Europe to celebrate their 10th wedding Anniversary!  I just love that they are out there living part of their dream as I share their post! ***


Finding balance… These two have three little ones running around. They are busy to say the least. So how do they do it?
Mel- I try to implement minimalist ideas in our home that allow us to own less but “have” more.
Seth- I find balance from being close to nature, in the backyard or out in the woods.


Alright, so let’s talk Legacy. What does the word Legacy mean?
Melanie- The strength that remains when we are gone which moves people we may never even meet.
Seth- Seven generations, three before, the current generation, and three after.


Living their Legacy:
We are purposefully opening up our story for everyone to hear in hopes that it can help them heal, grow, or gain a new understanding. Living in a transparent way is both freeing and scary, but we both think the potential far outweighs the risk.
**The Studley’s are in the process of writing a book about their journey as a couple- I’ll definitely be sharing more about that just as soon as they are finished! 


Three people who have contributed most to bring you where you are today:
Melanie- family, Jesus, and my husband
Seth- Jesus, my grandmother, and my wife

Melanie’s description of her hero (LOVE THIS):
People who have lived hard lives but still have soft hearts. I admire joy finders, they are so few and far between.


What do you want YOUR Legacy to be:
Melanie- happiness and determination. Fighting for what unites us as people, and finding dignity in everyone.
Seth- I want to leave an inheritance to my children’s children that goes beyond mere finances.


What advise would you give to your 18 year old self?
Melanie- The world does not revolve around you. Stop being so selfish.
Seth- Start reading proverbs everyday.


When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?
Melanie- The hope of Jesus, trusting in him instead of my own strength or wisdom.
Seth- Through prayer and the realization that our lives could be infinitely worse.


To all the dream chaser’s out there, what words of encouragement would you offer them?
Melanie- Do not be afraid.
Seth- You are the one who cares the most about your dream, so it’s up to you to make it happen.

2014-06-02_00632014-06-02_0064What puts a pep in your step?
Melanie- Seeing the endless possibility and innocence in my children invigorates and challenges me daily. They help me to see the world with fresh eyes.
Seth- The ability to be silly.


Where do you go for inspiration?
Melanie- Nature. I never tire of the seasons and the amazing cycle of life.
Seth- Church and the woods.


A few more fun facts about the Studley’s:
-Bucket List:
Travel anywhere

Ride in a hot air balloon and live to tell about it
See the pyramids
Own a chesterfield sofa 
Live a long life (if that counts)

Go to Europe

Make more money each year that I work
Coast to coast road trip with my family
Go to Maine and catch lobster
Have a log cabin in the woods that I can hunt from



Wildest Dream:
Melanie- To sing the worship for a Joyce Meyer conference.
Seth- I don’t have one.


Your Happy Place:
Melanie- At my dinning room table drinking coffee in the morning with my husband, while the kids watch curious George. 
Seth- At home, in a clean house, with my smiling family.


Three things you can’t live without:
Melanie- Jesus, coffee, laughter.
Seth- oxygen, food, and water.



Any last words?
We went through some very challenging times in our marriage but with honesty, determination to see things through, and help from our church, family, and friends we made it to the other side. Our life will surely have many more challenges to come, but not giving up in this trial has changed us in a way that gives us hope when things are hard. We have fun even when things aren’t funny.


I can’t even begin to express how much I loved spending some time with these two. So much laughing. SO MUCH FUN! Furthermore, I LOVED getting to know more about Seth and Melanie through this Legacy Series. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I am.  Like I said, you want to be friends with them too, don’t you?!!?

Lastly, will you all please join me in a Cheers to Seth and Melanie as they Celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary next month!!!

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