My Farewell to Facebook : And other news


Well friends, it’s happening. I’m saying goodbye to the great big world of Facebook–effective Monday, September 8th.

Facebook has been great to me for so many years. I’ve met a few of my favorite people in the world. It’s helped me to grow my business and given me amazing exposure.  I’ve kept connected with people I otherwise would have lost touch with. Facebook has served a good purpose.

I’m just going to keep this short and sweet. I’m saying farewell to Facebook (both business & personal) because I’ve decided I want to be more present in my everyday life. I want invest my time and energy into the relationships I hold so dear.  And I want to spend the time I use for social media marketing and redirect that into client friendships.

I’ve gone round and round in my head if leaving Facebook will hurt my business. And my best answer is this… It might.  But staying on Facebook will hurt more.  I’m coming to the end of the busiest season I’ve ever had. And for that I am thankful. But I’ve had to learn a lot about balance. And finding balance has meant prioritizing.  Prioritizing means making a change. Alas, here we are.

While I’m jumping ship on Facebook, I’m not going completely off the radar, and I would love to stay connected with you through Instagram, and here on my blog.  And if you are looking for ways to get in touch, you can always email me at or through the contact form on my website.

Lastly, I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for your incredible support. I cannot even begin to express the overwhelming gratitude I feel toward every kind word ever given. Even the thumbs up and page ‘Likes’ have brought joy and encouragement.  And for those who have taken a chance on me and given me your business. I owe it all to you! This isn’t goodbye, it’s just goodbye, Facebook. And I hope I’ll still be seeing you around!

Here’s to the turning of seasons. It’s been a good one, but I’m ready for change. I’m dreaming of cable knit sweaters, mugs of steaming coffee, good books, and great company. A little less screen time, and a lot more face time. Oh, and chocolate. Always, chocolate. Who’s with me?

Onward and upward.
To bigger and better.
And sometimes bigger really means smaller.
And better isn’t necessarily more.
Farewell, Facebook.
Hello, friends.

In other news…my hair shrunk.2014-09-04_0001

  • Breonna Lenear


    You could not have said this better! I think this is a great decision! And I truly strongly feel this won’t affect your business, your work is amazing! It’s all about word of mouth which I know I have already done and many others will. Facebook does suck you in and consume your everyday life so more power to you for being strong and sticking with your decision. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent through social media and I will be sure to follow your blog and keep seeing it on insta.


    • Breonna! Goodness gracious! You just made me tear up! Your words and encouragement mean soo much! You are such a gem! I’m so excited to have been your wedding photographer.. because now I will know you forever! And it just doesn’t get any better than that! all the x’s and o’s!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Kirsch

    Good luck to you! I’ll be following on Instagram, for sure. And if you ever need another model, please contact me 🙂 I would still like to meet you.ReplyCancel

  • This is so incredibly inspiring! I’ve been battling with wanting to say goodbye to Facebook for such a long time now but kept coming back to feeling like I have to stay connected for the sake of the business. It’s so refreshing to see an incredibly talented photographer remove themselves from the vortex that is Facebook without (too much!) fear of how it might affect their business! Congratulations for making a difficult decision and sticking to it — your work is beautiful and I’m sure your business will only continue to grow in the right direction as you focus on prioritizing the important things! All the best and hoping to run into you again soon! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Malika!! WOW! Thank you so much for your kindness! Truly! It is so amazing to see the support come pouring in on a decision that definitely had a lot of thought and prayer behind it!ReplyCancel

  • Pam hannon

    Hi sweet one. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cass

    Congratulations! This is a great decision that I am convinced you’ll be reaping lots of benefits from business wise and personally. Blessings!ReplyCancel

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