Halloween : Tricks & Treats

In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, I’m pretty excited to bring a something a little different.  When Lola Creative asked me if I wanted to join in this collaboration for a fun and spooky Halloween shoot, I just couldn’t refuse.  This team of creatives always puts together the most magnificent sets that are like eye candy to this photographer.  And this shoot was more than just pretty, or spooky decorations, the team pulled together a wonderfully crafted story line for you to follow along with.



Inspired by the moody tones of fall and the excitement of our most mysterious holiday, Lola Creative brought together a talented team for a fun and spooky shoot. Shot at the Old Rainier Brewery, this photo story depicts Kitty and her dangerous story of treats and tricks.

Everyone knows that Kitty’s favorite treat is milk. Splashes of milk entice Kitty through a woodsy house while the deadly host lurks in the corner. Kitty enters the dining room and explores the host’s collections of books and bows…. Hmmm, Looks like there’s one missing. A dead rat looks like it might be saved for later. “Who lives here,” she wonders.  Kitty discovers a table full of her favorites: Fish, Catnip, wool, milk, and feathers! Whoever it is knows exactly what Kitty loves. Suddenly the host arrives, huge, with dangerous pinchers and so many beady eyeballs. The Black Widow rambles on top of the feast and Kitty dashes beneath the table. “Should’ve known there’d be a trick to this treat.” The Black Widow searches around for Kitty as she sneaks onto the shelves. With some nearby chalk she draws a web on the wall. “Eeeek!” she squeals. The Black Widow whips around to see Kitty stuck in her web and The Widow is pleased that this will be an easy feast- and such a cute bow for her collection. The Black Widow prepares to lunge and Kitty looks away in horror. The Widow leaps towards Kitty. There is a great shriek and suddenly, the widows long legs are everywhere twisting this way and that as she lays silent in a pool of her own green blood. Kitty is safe on the floor revealing green blood stained spikes on the wall. Kitty has a few tricks of her own. Kitty sits down to a triumphant feast.

Story, direction, and decor by Lola Creative

Photography by Candice Hackett of Ivy and Tweed

Vintage duds by Gidgette Bardot

Shot at the Old Rainier Brewery’s Seattle Wholesale Grower’s Market.

Furniture by Vintage Ambiance

Coty Valdez of Zero Zero Hair Salon

Kaylah Golub of SMG Models as Kitty


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