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Oh hi. Happy Monday. I’m particularly excited to bring you this little post this morning because I think it has just the cure for some of your rainy day, Monday blues.

Tis the season for chilly weather. And if you are anything like me, you actually love it because its means all things cozy and comfortable.  Bring on the hats, scarves, boots, mittens, burning candles, hot chocolate- just because, home baked goods, and the list goes on and on. But one of my favorite things about the cooling of weather and the changing of seasons, is turning my home into a cozy little refuge of holiday cheer.  And I’m just talking Christmas (though I’m terribly excited to decorate for that too!) but in my house, Fall is a holiday of it’s own. I just love warming my house up with crackling candles and cozy blankets, with a little something fresh out of the oven placed lovingly on the dining room table.

Sorry, I’m rambling. The point is… the real reason I started writing this post is to share with you one of my favorite little treasures when it comes to adorning the home with the most darling little details.  This little treasure I’m talking about happens to be located just a block from my house, and it’s called EVOLVE HOME.  If you’ve so much as peeked your head inside this wonderful place, you know exactly why I’m so excited to share about it. If you haven’t been, I’m sure you’ll be making plans to pay a visit before you reach the bottom of this post. Evolve Home, is located in the Three Bridges District of Tacoma (smack dab in between Stadium, Proctor, and Old Town). And it just so happens to be neighbors with a few of my favorite places (Cafe Brosseau–home of the best gluten free panini’s and a mighty fine cup of coffee, and The Beach House Salon–the very place that keeps my locks looking trimmed and shiny). Anyhow, the neighborhood is just wonderful. I walk up down these streets daily and I always feel like I’m in my own version of a picture perfect movie set. It’s worth wandering just for the bridges alone (remember, its called ‘The Three Bridges’ district–although the third bridge is a little inconspicuous).

But back to the shop.  Like I said, I walk this neighborhood everyday. Meaning I window shop everyday. At first I avoided walking in the doors because I knew just as soon as I walked in, I would be doomed. I knew I would have wish list to cover, Christmas, my birthday, anniversary, business birthday, and any other gift receiving occasion I could possibly make up. But sooner than later I caved. Actually, it was this Kate Spade day planner in the window that made me do it.  That exact day planner was in my shopping cart online. Obviously, it made more sense to skip the shipping charges and shop local. I was left with no choice but to go in an buy it. And so it began. I developed a home decorating crush for this little shop. It’s just the kind of place that makes you feel right at home and so happy to be there. It’s fresh, modern, with a touch of vintage, and a lot of style. It’s exactly the kind of place that is too good to keep to ones self, and absolutely must be shared.

So friends, it is with GREAT pleasure that I introduce you to Evolve Home and it’s pretty little owner, Cindy. And before I send you scrolling through pictures of all the things you will surely want, I have just a few words to say about Cindy.  Cindy is a local (Tacoma) girl, with a local heart. And her shop is filled with artifacts by local artists. I loved chatting with her about Tacoma, and all the things we mutually love about this city. She’s a remarkable business woman with an impeccable eye for styling and decorating. She’s sweet, hilarious, and above all she is an inspiration for anyone who has dream wants to chase it.  When chatting about this running a business (specifically this shop), she told me that it was in her blood, and she knew she was meant to do it. Friends, if I took anything away from this experience (aside from my mile long wish list of pretty things to fill my home with), it was this….When you are filled with passion and you know its right, DO IT. Chase your dream right into reality. Do the hard work and make things happen.

And now, have fun picture shopping and be sure to stop in and do some real shopping too! Here’s the address: 2624 N 21st St, Tacoma, WA 98406


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