A Thanksgiving Inspiration : By Sarah Kyle

Before I turn the blog over to Sarah, I want to say just a few things. Are you surprised? Ha! Didn’t think so. I just want to take a moment to talk about Instagram and one of the things I love about it.  I’m not that into social media, but Instgram has been a great network for inspiring and connecting me with some amazing artists. And one of those artists just happens to be Sarah.  I don’t even remember when we started following each other.. but it was some time ago. Through a series of back and forth comments on each others feeds, we  inadvertently became “insta-friends”.  And just recently Sarah reached out to me asking if I would be interested in a little Thanksgiving collaboration.  Friends, collaboration is my jam. There is nothing I love more than to get together with a brilliant team of creatives and combine our powers to create something beautiful.  And so we did. We quickly (really quickly) pulled together a team of local creatives (referenced below) and put together a little Thanksgiving inspiration.

Sarah did a little mini series throughout the week over on her blog (which you should definitely check out). And because I just love how she put it all together I asked her to share it in one lump sum over here.

Well thats enough from me. Let’s welcome Sarah to the blog for the first time (and hopefully not the last)!!

Hi Sarah here. I’m a mama, blogger and creative living in Tacoma. I’m so excited to share the details of this fun shoot with you all. I’ve admired Candice’s work online for a while now and felt her style was a great fit for this shoot, especially the way she works with light. I wanted it to be moody and warm like the end of fall. For this shoot, I was inspired by a mix of things, primarily the beauty and simplicity of nature. Also by 17th century still life paintings. Specifically Bartolomeo Bimbi’s Citrus Fruits (for the centerpiece).  I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

A Thanksgiving Table: 

Thanksgiving Inspiration-326

Entertaining during the holidays is one of my favorite things. I love the opportunity to be fancy, I’ll take it any time of the year, but it’s especially fun when it’s cold out and everyone is ready to celebrate and eat as much as they can.

As a child my mother would let me set our dinner table for special occasions. I would admire all the silverware and pretty china, relish the scent of the cabinet the pretty things were stored in, get in a trance ironing linens and flipping through the Emily Post book and memorize how to arrange a place setting.
I love the details.Thanksgiving Inspiration-305
Thanksgiving Inspiration-300
When it comes to planning for a party, nothing beats an intimate gathering. One that is just small enough to focus entirely on the intricate details. Six place settings at a cozy table says it all to me. Think of of the deep conversations that will ensue.
Thanksgiving Inspiration-329
Thanksgiving Inspiration-309
I’m loving fresh centerpieces right now. Think fall foliage, squash and pumpkins from your garden, fruits, bright roots or branches. I was inspired by jewel tones and winter fruits and added some mint for contrast. Thanksgiving Inspiration-304Thanksgiving Inspiration-314

There are some tips to keep in mind when arranging a centerpiece. In my opinion your goal should be to create a beautiful arrangement with as little clutter as possible. While table settings that are jungles of beautiful, shiny things can be inspiring, the lack of space is not. You wind up moving the little details all over the place and sometimes entirely off the table to make room. I don’t see the point.
Try to avoid items that are overwhelmingly distracting or too tall for eye to eye contact from across the table, but add height with a cake or candles. When it comes to candles I prefer them short and stout, with enough height to add dimension.
Place cards are always a must. You can create a lively and fun environment just by placing the right people next to one another. Separate couples to some extent, sit the quiet next to the talkative, people with similar interests in close proximity and keep friends that tend to create a cliquish vibe apart. Whether you decide to go all out creatively or simply place a printed notecard on a plate, do go for arranged seating.
For my place cards, I chose to add the last touches to our table with some lovely pieces from a local boutique in the North End. Evolve Home has so many gorgeous tid-bits to choose from, I highly recommend stopping there to stock up on Holiday details for your home.
Photography by Ivy & Tweed
Styling by Sarah Kyle
Place card details: gold pear candles, glitter tubes and gold frame in the background c/o Evolve Home 
Save Room For Dessert: 
Thanksgiving Inspiration-434-2
Remember how I said to keep your table-scape pure and simple to encourage movement and visibility? Well, don’t worry your little cluttered head, there is a place to go all out and I deem it the dessert table.

Depending on your event or the season, gather a world of pieces to make it a land of magic. Look around you, I prefer finding as much from nature as possible. Take a walk and collect what you find. Leaves, acorns, pinecones, branches and beyond. Walk through your home and pick out the little bits of your world. Maybe that book on your mantle, the pretty tea box you saved or some old photographs (or other antique pieces). There is always a place for all that nonsensical stuff by the sweet natured desserts.
We did just that at Evolve Home, and found a universe of beauty to play with.
Thanksgiving Inspiration-441Thanksgiving Inspiration-411desserttable2

The shop carries everything from decorative nicknacks to beautiful pieces of furniture, seasonal pieces, and an entire corner of chalkboard paint. They support local artists and their pieces are diverse in style to suit all tastes.
Consider shopping local this Saturday and stopping by Evolve Home for some Christmas decor (let’s talk about those striped candles.) desserttable1Thanksgiving Inspiration-417

My tips to getting the cluttered look right:
Once you gather all your pieces, set a basic structure. Imagine yourself building a house. You need a solid foundation through the edges of your arrangement; the sturdy things that will keep it all together and frame the collection. From there start to build up. Adding height adds dimension. Break your arrangement into parts, create that dimension in the overall picture and then start to look deeper into the details. Let each corner become it’s own world where you repeat the same rules of building structure and adding dimension, keeping color in mind as well. Repetition and contrast, in shape and color will add more to the arrangement as a whole. Within this keep your theme in mind but stray just far enough to make it interesting and engaging. Pretty soon people will be trying to figure out where the desserts actually are.
In terms of what’s edible, add beautiful touches to your pies and cakes. Be sure to add some variety as well, add a fruit plate for those who might not be in the mood for the decadence of the sugarier treats. Maybe try adding some local or especially interesting treats like chocolates or arrange your bread at the table.Thanksgiving Inspiration-421Thanksgiving Inspiration-386Thanksgiving Inspiration-420Thanksgiving Inspiration-399Find one dessert you especially want to highlight and give it that extra boost. Use a stemmed cake plate but don’t stop there, place it on a throne of it’s own. Thanksgiving Inspiration-438Thanksgiving Inspiration-437
Here’s to a beautiful table and pretty desserts! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Photography by Ivy & Tweed
Styling by Sarah Kyle 
All decorative pieces c/o Evolve Home
Chalk art print by Renae of Colour & Dust
I just want to extend one more great big THANKS to Sarah for being such a lovely person full of talent, and sharing it with us today! I hope each of you had the most delightful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, a new memories!
**To check out more parties Sarah has styled, click the “parties” tab on her blog. Want Sarah to style your upcoming party? She’s available for hire.. Send her an email at skaclose@gmail.com
  • Everything is so lovely Sarah. And so well captured Candice. I love all of the harvest beauties. And thanks for including one of my prints!ReplyCancel

  • So honored! I had the best time working with you and cannot wait for all the fun to come.


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