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Lets talk COMMUNITY.

#communitynotcompetition : This has been a growing phrase (or hashtag) in the photography world, and I love it. I love the opportunity to be a part of a movement that builds people up rather than tearing each other down. I love that I can do this on my own as an artist, but whats more, I am able to join alongside a group of artists who have put these words into action.  It’s happening all over, but today I want to share about one such local group made up of giant hearted people who are passionate about sharing their gifts!

Made to Create Pacific Northwest is ALL about community and empowerment. It’s a place to gather together as artists on a LOCAL level and share our passion and purpose with one another. And because they’ve already said it so well themselves, I wanted to share a little bit of the vision from the founders of Made to Create PNW :

Our vision is to create authentic community of encouragement between artists located in the Pacific Northwest.   We are passionate about empowering artists to support and educate each other. Building mutual experience will strengthen our community and allow for the chance to serve the populations we work with.  We are excited to join you in this journey of creating lasting art.


Community is built on shared experiences and open communication.  Our weekend will be packed with opportunities for honest discussion with other photographers about practical, hands on techniques.   There will be multiple opportunities to build your portfolio by utilizing the skills you learned with models provided throughout the day.   Learning does not happen in one day, our hope is that you walk away with the foundations for relationships that will support and encourage you in your journey through photography.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

On that note, my purpose for sharing this post is to let you know that I have the INCREDIBLE honor of speaking at MTC this year! I’m so absolutely humbled and excited to share in something I love so much alongside a community of wonderfully talented friends! (check out the speaker list here)

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I’ll share more details soon, but I wanted to give you a little foundation of what I’ll be teaching this year. To start, we will be covering a closer look at setting up your business for success, how to to engage your clients, and the heart behind your business, as well as tips for client engagement. After the business aspect we will dive into the hands on practical stuff, including a styled shoot. We will take a look at shooting to tell or story, some “go to” poses, and how to best use lighting for your photography style.  Finally we will finish up with post processing and client presentation! So there it is! It’s a lot and it’s a full days worth events, but we will cover everything that goes into a shoot from start to finish.  You can see more of the full workshop schedule, here.

If this sounds like just thing you’ve needed to boost your business, or maybe you want to get connected with local friends and dig deeper into your craft, I 200% recommend this workshop! Early bird registration pricing will up until January 1st, so bookmark this page, and put it on your Christmas wish list! Or,  CLICK HERE to register now!

Share this with all your creative photographer friends, and please follow along for more details and upcoming news about Made to Create!

xo & merry Christmas!

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