Lindy : Tacoma Lifestyle Session

Meet Lindy—

Lindy embodies the word artist from deep within.

She is a maker.

And the world is a more beautiful place because of her.

What a tremendous privilege it was to photograph the artist in action!

Not only did she make a BEAUTIFUL piece of art. She painted this landscape from one of my own photographs of my favorite place on the west coast, Cannon Beach! And THEN she went a step further and gifted it to me. You guys, this girl is a one of a kind GEM! Seriously!! I could just brag on her all. day. long.

So do yourselves a favor and pop over to her blog just as soon as you are finished here! She is currently working on a home renovation project that is sure to inspire you!

—> CLICK HERE to pay her a visit, or go just go to



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