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Confession: I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. (Not that this is new news to you).

I’m currently in the process of prepping to teach at the Made to Create PNW workshop. As I’ve been sorting through my millions of thoughts on what to talk about, I keep coming back to the word “WHY”.  I’ve asked all the photographers in my class to start thinking a little bit deeper about that word, “WHY”.

“WHY” are you a photographer? And “WHY” do you make every single decision you make? (That’s the very short hand version of what I am asking them). My point in brining this up is to hopefully give a little explanation as to “WHY” I’ve been a terrible blogger.

If you’ve been following my posts for some time, you will have read about a few changes I’ve been making for my business. Changes that allow me to have more of a life away from the computer, building relationships, and living in real life community (not social media community). In order to make these changes possible, I’ve had to “give-up” a lot of screen time. And blogging takes time. So that sums up reason number one for my lack of blog posts.

The second reason I’ve been a little sporadic, is because my purpose for blogging has changed.  I used to blog to make sure that the world saw my work, and in turn, I would book more weddings. Since making this change, my blog has become less of a marketing tool, and more of a space to share my creative heart with those of you who pay this page a visit.  This has been HUGE for me! I no longer put pressure on myself to blog the images I think will attract a certain group of clients. Instead, I share the images that speak to my heart, and inspire me in some way or another.  I no longer put pressure on myself to post a certain number of blogs per week, or even blog every single session I shoot. Instead, I choose to share the work that inspires me. And I no longer rely on my blog (a computer screen filled with images and a few words) to try and make the connections I want to make in person. I take care of those connections off screen. But I’ve found that my “new” form of blogging has allowed me to make connections to people on a more emotional level, rather than a marketing level. This new phenomenon has been totally unexpected, but super cool, nonetheless.

I love how planning for Made to Create PNW has even challenged me to re-visit a few key questions that shape my business. And I love how those of you follow my blog have been so encouraging and supportive during this season of change! And I just really love what this blog space has become–my online creative journal for both ramblings and photographs alike.

And while I’m on the topic of things I love… I love all things portrait and floral related.  Last month my friend Lindy asked me where to find the best Tacos. I told her if she would hold a bouquet of flowers from Pike Place, and let me take her picture, I would take her to the best Tacos in Seattle. It’s Tacos Chuki’s in case you were wondering. She agreed, and so this portrait session ensued.

And from this little flowers and tacos date, we decided we needed more of this in our lives and now we have a flower club. You’ll be seeing more of that on the blog real soon!



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