Chris & Amanda : Whistler Engagement Session

Miracles do happen. Two blog posts in two days!

Last month, Mr. Hackett and I took a little road trip up to Whistler for Valentine’s Weekend. Allow me to pause the story and brag about this guy of mine for just one minute.  He truly is one of the most patient men in the whole world. Taking a road trip with a photographer is no easy feat. It means stopping at every view point, taking u-truns because you missed the last view point, and having to wait countless minutes until the photographer is happy with the shot. And sometimes, turning off the windshield wipers, because they keep getting in the shot.  It’s actually a little lot ridiculous when I read it out loud.

Okay, back to my story. It just so worked out that this cute couple got engaged last February 13th at Whistler. Therefor, we asked the stars to align so that Whistler might be the setting for their engagement session. As you will see below, the stars did align. However, we were expecting snow, but the east coast has been a bit of a snow hog this year so we made do with the sunshine instead 🙂


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