Danni & Nolan : Gig Harbor Engagement

There are moments in my “career” (it’s still feels weird to call it that) where I feel like I’ve arrived, because each and every time I snapped the shutter on my camera it was PURE MAGIC. But truth be told, the magic was in the location, the light (let’s just talk about THAT LIGHT!), the hopelessly in love couple, the deep blue water, and the picture perfect row boat! All of that to say, each of these variables, making up one of my favorite engagement sessions to date, really had nothing to do with me at all. Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here and revel in the fact that I snapped these beauties, and they are actually on my blog. But mostly I’ll give a huge thanks to Danni & Nolan for allowing me  and my camera the pleasure of tagging along on one of their everyday adventures.


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