Lindy : Tacoma Lifestyle Session

Oh hi,

I’m trying to figure out why I’ve been so bad at blogging, when I’ve got so much work I’m dying to share. And let’s just say the art of restraint on Instagram is a terrible struggle. I just want to share all the pictures, and that is why I have a blog, but then I never get around to blogging them. I think the problem boils down to words. I feel like I can’t blog until I have the right words. I’m not sure when this became a problem. I’m never short on words. I guess I just really want to share my pictures, and if I have words, then hopefully they’ll be worth reading. If not, you might just start seeing some wordless posts. Hopefully we’re all okay with that.

So about this little shoot… it just happens to featured in the summer issue of Deeply Rooted Magazine! So if you are feeling so inclined, pop on over to their website and you can grab yourself a copy (digital or print.. but I’d definitely go with print). I’m trying to stay coy and hold back my nerdy excitement, but lets just be honest… seeing my work in a printed publication (that I love!) feels pretty incredible! Oh, and the article that accompanies these pictures in the magazine is a great too! It’s titled “Living Well in Prosperity”, go give it a read! You won’t regret it!

PS. If you love this house, and all the pretty things in this shoot, you can follow Lindy and her home renovation/decoration inspiration at her blog, Thimble & Cloth.


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