My One Year Social Media Sabbatical : Week One

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During the few conversations I’ve had about my decision to leave social media for a year, and how I’m feeling about it, I just keep coming back to this word; Energy.

On Sunday night, Jonathon and I both committed to a ONE YEAR social media sabbatical and deleted the apps from our phones. I fell asleep with a smile and I woke up ENERGIZED, like I had just had the best night’s sleep of my entire life.

But this crazy energy surging through my body wasn’t because of one nights sleep without an app on my phone. Obviously not, this energy was and is directly related to my expectations of one whole year without it. And to add to it, there was the fact that I FINALLY did exactly what I had been contemplating doing for the past few months. (More on this later.)

It’s only been four days, and I’ve literally got pages and pages of notes on my phone, on my computer, and in my journal, filled with reasons I wanted to leave social media, why and how I came to my decision, and what my hopes for this year look like. I’ve started about ten LENGTHY blog posts all about this stuff, but for some reason none of it seemed ready to share just yet.

My guess is there is a reason, and I’ll likely figure that out eventually. But for now I just wanted say hello, and that I feel really really great, and that my hopes are so very high for this year.

Speaking of those ten blog posts, I don’t really have a plan, but I do hope to share about my experience along the way. My goal is to let it come naturally and keep it authentic. And truthfully, I’m not really sure if anyone even follows along over here on the blogosphere. And that’s perfectly okay, these posts are partly for my own personal documentation as well. But if you do, feel free to say hi, ask a bunch questions, or leave me any thoughts that are flowing through your mind. And if you know anyone who might enjoy my musings, feel free to send them my way.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun and if anything at all goes as I hope it might, then I’m going to learn and experience a lot of new things this year!


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  • Hi Candice! I found your instagram account through your walks Tacoma hashtag when I was planning a move here, and have loved seeing the city through your eyes. Your work is lovely and then I found the “you” behind your work was lovely too! I totally feel you on the social media front. Enjoy the year away! I’ll be checking in on your blog!ReplyCancel

    • Sarah!
      I’m so happy to read your comment! Your words are so encouraging and sweet and just mean so much to me! Does that mean you are in Tacoma now? I hope I’ll get the chance to meet you one of these days!ReplyCancel

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