I’ve made a practice of going into all collaborative shoots with a list of intentional goals. It’s a practice I’ve been proud of and has served me well in the past. But prior to this shoot I was having a difficult coming up with my goals. I simply knew that I wanted to create art. After the […]

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  • Megan

    I have loved catching up on your blog & this beautiful collaboration shoot. Candice, you always amaze me. I miss you & wish you weren’t off the grid for selfish reasons, but I can see it’s doing amazing things for you, my gosh. Your art. XoxoxoReplyCancel

    • Megan!
      Gah I just saw this! You are such a doll and I wish you lived closer so I could spend all the time with you!! Thank you thank you thank you for your kind words!ReplyCancel

  • Jess Hunter

    These are lovely, Candice. Hope you are doing well xoxoReplyCancel

It’s been a while since I’ve shared much of my portrait work. I think I grew so accustomed to sharing a select few of my favorite images on Instagram, that I stopped making the effort to share more over here on the blog. But now that I’ve stepped away from the social media platform, I definitely hope to […]

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While I was out for a walk the other morning, I was having some great dialogue with myself, in a British accent, of course. It’s the strangest thing, but my British self is by far the cleverer version of the two of us. It’s something about the way she says things. So, as you read […]

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  • Love this Candice!! Such a good metaphor!! You are one awesome writer, I look forward to following along on your journey!ReplyCancel

  • “I haven’t lost my mind. I’ve simply found it”
    I love that. I have cut out quite a bit of social media from my personal life, but I can feel it creeping back in through the business. The junk food metaphor really does apply to social media. We crave social interaction and approval. Social media promises both, but delivers neither. It only gives the illusion of it. Thanks for all of your inspiring words Candice!ReplyCancel

ENERGY! During the few conversations I’ve had about my decision to leave social media for a year, and how I’m feeling about it, I just keep coming back to this word; Energy. On Sunday night, Jonathon and I both committed to a ONE YEAR social media sabbatical and deleted the apps from our phones. I […]

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  • […] My One Year Social Media Sabbatical : Week One […]ReplyCancel

  • Hi Candice! I found your instagram account through your walks Tacoma hashtag when I was planning a move here, and have loved seeing the city through your eyes. Your work is lovely and then I found the “you” behind your work was lovely too! I totally feel you on the social media front. Enjoy the year away! I’ll be checking in on your blog!ReplyCancel

    • Sarah!
      I’m so happy to read your comment! Your words are so encouraging and sweet and just mean so much to me! Does that mean you are in Tacoma now? I hope I’ll get the chance to meet you one of these days!ReplyCancel