My One Year Social Media Sabbatical : Month One

One month down. Here’s a little recap:

Thoughts, lessons, and life so far (in no particular order)…

  1. Life is beautiful! And we just celebrated our SEVEN year anniversary at the end of May! I was going to blog about it, but in the end I decided I was perfectly happy just spilling out all my gushy feelings to Mr. Hackett alone!
    Needless to say, we’re madly in love. Emphasis on the madly 😉
  2. I’ve finally discovered that I can have my ideals and live them too—even when my surroundings don’t look exactly like the picture in my head. I mean, so what if I don’t have a farm (YET!), I can still practice slow living from where I am.
  3. Slow living isn’t about having an empty schedule (or wide open fields, far away from busy streets–though that would be dreamy); it’s really about taking the rush out of life—at least that’s my new take on it.
  • For instance, I’ve made it a practice to walk and ride my bike everywhere that I can, rain or shine (and only drive when absolutely necessary). Through this I’ve learned that I am almost always on the go, the biggest difference is, I’m taking my time getting there, and by default, doing less because of it. Slow living, by this definition, allows my days to be full of the good stuff that brings me joy (or tops my priority list), because there just isn’t time for anything else. Even grocery trips are more fun by bike (especially with my new little bag on my cutie commutie). **Disclaimer– I don’t fit all of our groceries in that one little bag! Jonathon has two bigger bags on his bike, and like a true gentleman, he carries the goods**
  1. The Amelie soundtrack and Max Richter’s re-composition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, are my favorite tunes for walking. The music creates a dream like environment, and the whole world feels even more beautiful when I’m strolling to the music. It almost feels like I’m in my own happy movie.
  2. I don’t miss social media. In fact, the absence of it is pushing me to be more intentional with my relationships.
  3. I’m still in the know… sure I might not get the news as soon as everyone else, BUT, because I’m always out walking (and crossing paths with people in the process) and spending time at the places that I enjoy, I’m getting the information for things that are important to me.
  4. On that note, you can’t miss what you don’t know, or see—it’s actually quite peaceful not knowing about everything that’s happening.
  5. I got my first snail mail letter from my new pen pal and it came addressed in the prettiest envelope! I can’t wait to write her back! Pen pals are so much fun! (You can see the pretty envelope in the picture at the beginning of this post!)
  6. I still take loads of iPhone pictures of whatever inspires me. But rather than posting them for everyone else, I’m making a collection of chatbooks for us. Turns out, I finally found my motivation to print the pictures that are meaningful to me.
    P.S. Want to try out your first chapbook for FREE?! Enter this code at checkout! 3HJFQVL3
  7. Speaking of iPhone photos and books… BIG NEWS! I finally got around to printing my 2015 #candicewalkstacoma pictures and I liked the little book so much, I printed more copies and they are officially for sale at Satori Boutique, in downtown Tacoma! It’s just the most delightful thing to have my little collection of images sitting in one of my favorite shops!
    (P.S. SAVE THE DATE! July 16th from 12-2:30 I’ll be at Satroi for a little open house to celebrate this mini book endeavor!)
  8. On the topic of Tacoma love, our friends at UXC (another favorite shop!) are launching a new brand, 1884 (representing the year Tacoma was officially established), with the perfect baseball cap hand stitched in Seattle at Ebbets Field Flannels! We had the lucky privilege to test them out for all the couples who love twinning as much as we do! And… an impromptu selfie photoshoot! Needless to say, we LOVE them and can’t wait to pick one up from their store on Monday!
    POLL: Which is your favorite color? Black or Blue? – leave your answer in the comments below!
  9. One of my goals for this year is to get acquainted with a farmer (and become friends, of course), and learn all about life on the farm. You see, I have this dream of living on a farm (filled with fruits, vegetables, flowers, pumpkins, and Christmas trees). But seeing as we live in a 600 sq ft apartment in the middle of the city, and I’ve got no experience in the farm life whatsoever, I’m determined to find a way to get the ball rolling. Like I said earlier, I believe you can have your ideals and live them too. So if I don’t have a farm at the present time, I can at least spend my time on one. With that said, if anyone out there knows of a friendly farmer family who would like to share their ways with a very eager learner, please put in a good word for me (and share your source)! In the mean time, I’ll continue my web search and friendly emails.

Well, I think that pretty much wraps up month one and what’s been going on in the world of the Hackett’s and more specifically yours truly. If anyone should have any questions or thoughts about life off social media, or otherwise, comment away! I love hearing from you!

  • Megan

    YOU ARE THE CUTEST and SUCH an inspiration. & can’t wait to pick up your book when I’m in your hood!!! Keep doin you, girl. xoxoReplyCancel

  • Kerry Kurtz

    I know you’re enjoying not being on social media but I sure do miss your posts! xoxoReplyCancel

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